Look, Listen, Touch, Feel

A multisensory immersive dance event connecting the dots between fashion, lifestyle, music, spirituality, social networks. A musical journey led by the avantgarde of the global dance music artists. Cirque Du Soleil inspired performances. Futuristic and esoteric video projections. Tribal dances. Real rituals delivered by world specialists. Imaginative costumes. Specially designed scenographies. Tribaal is all this and much more.


Tribaal is a multisensorial dance party event that takes inspiration from the hottest trends.It’s a journey around the world and the ancestral roots of the human tribes, taking the public thru a dance ritual inspired by the exotic Eldorado, Wakanda, Shangri La, Agharti, Atlantis, Asgard. Each party is inspired in the scenic representation by one of these legendary places, adding an innovative futuristic feel. The event is designed taking in consideration an immersive approach for a full filling, one-of-a-kind experience. Each event is tailor made and unique.