TRIBAL social community is something well established in our cerebral cortex and such a simple yet powerful concept everyone needs to be a part of, after 2 years of human separations. We all belong to the same human tribe. We are one.


Music unites. We all come to life and first thing we do is we sync to our mother’s heartbeat. Then we find another moment when we share a beat, and it’s the loud communion we experience during a DJ set or a concert, or a shamanic drums session.

We have been at the forefront of the Afro House scene since the beginning and are privileged to work with some of the most important artists of this generation. That very beat is powerful. It can heal you, it can change you, it can inspire you.

Our music DNA however transcends genres and it is a global sound that unites waves like the downtempo organic house rocking the Yucatan shores, to the thriving Techno atmospheres played at large outdoor festivals, to the ancestral tribal afro latin percussions. Take a dive into these sounds by listening to these music selections by our resident DJs.


Tribaal is a multisensorial dance party event that takes inspiration from the hottest trends.It’s a journey around the world and the ancestral roots of the human tribes, taking the public thru a dance ritual inspired by the exotic Eldorado, Wakanda, Shangri La, Agharti, Atlantis, Asgard. Each party is inspired in the scenic representation by one of these legendary places, adding an innovative futuristic feel. The event is designed taking in consideration an immersive approach for a full filling, one-of-a-kind experience. Each event is tailor made and unique.